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Burke County Formation

The Deal’s and Dale’s of Burke County

Who Are They and Where Did They Come From

The search for the Deal’s/Dale’s of Burke County begins in Germany in the late 1600’s with the earliest known ancestor, one Peter Thiel. We know very little about Peter Thiel. He and his wife (name unknown) lived in the Horschbach area of Germany and had at least two children, one of which was Simon Thiel. Simon Thiel was married to Anna Elizabetha Biber. They had at least 10 children one of whom was Johan Wilhelm Diehl (the name was changed from Theil to Diehl, reason unknown but Theil is referred to as the old spelling).

Johan and two of his brothers, Jacob and Peter, came to America in 1738 and settled in Pennsylvania. There, Johan married Mary Ann Elizabeth Cosby. They had eleven known children. All but one appears to have been born in Pennsylvania. The spelling of the last name of the children was changed to DEAL, probably to appear more Anglo-Saxon.

At some point in the early 1770’s, Johan and his brothers relocated their families to the Rowan county area of North Carolina. There he, his sons and brothers began acquiring land. Today, that land is in what is now Catawba County. The exception is his son John, whose land was on the Catawba River and Hunting Creek in what is now Burke County. Today that property is the site of the Morganton Wastewater Treatment Plant. (The maps shown show the formation of the counties in that area of North Carolina and the area that is circled is the area the family settled in.)

Notes on Johan Wilhelm Diehl:

Born: Horschbach Germany in 1717

Died: North Carolina before 1790 in what’s now Catawba County. Believed to be buried in the Old St. Paul’s Lutheran Church Cemetery in Newton, N.C.

Married: Mary Ann Elizabeth Cosby, born about 1722 in Pennsylvania and died after 1767 in Rowan County (now Catawba) N.C.

Children of Johan Diehl:

 .     William Deal

 .     Jacob Deal

 .     John Deal/Dale

.      Catherine Deal

.      George Deal

.      Maria Magdalena Deal

.      Michael Deal

 .     Susanna Deal

 .     Mary Elizabeth Deal

.      Peter Deal

 .     Alexander Deal



It is Johan’s son John, and his family, that is the focus of this site. It is John and his first wife Mary (maiden name unknown) and second wife (unknown) whose descendants are responsible for the Deal’s/Dale’s of BurkeCounty.

John Deal was born about 1746 in Pennsylvania. It has been believed for years that he died before 1800 in what is now Burke County, North Carolina. But, from information we have acquired we do not believe this to be true. Instead we believe that John and his first wife Mary separated and he remarried a second wife around 1793 and did not die until sometime between 1820 and 1830. His first wife Mary (maiden name unknown), was born about 1750 and died in Burke County after 1810. We believe she was living with her son Henry in the 1810 census. We have no information on his second wife other than it appears she died after 1820.

John and Mary both appear on the 1800 census and it has been believed for years that this John was the son of John and Mary. However, this does not appear to be true, this is actually John and his second wife and family. He and this second wife had three children very close together, two sons and a daughter. In 1797 when the sons were only about 2 and 3 years old, according to land records, John Deal Sr. deeded his property to John Deal Jr. and Abraham Deal. This land was the same land that John Deal had purchase by land grant in 1779.

Children and known grandchildren of John Deal and first wife Mary:

George Deal, b. unk. d. 1805

.     Alexander

.     Ebby

.     Matilda

.     John Henry

.     Mary

Jacob Deal, b. 1768 d. Aug. 7, 1845

.     Margaret

.     Polly

.     John Henry

.     William

.     Jacob Jr.

.     Samuel

William Deal, b. unk. d 1838

.     Mary

.     Jane

.     William

.     James

.     Elizabeth

Henry Deal, b. unk. D. bef. 1830

.     William

.     Tempie

.     Mary

.     Sallie

.     Martha

.     Elizabeth

Children and known grandchildren of John Deal and second wife:

John Deal Jr., b. 1794 d 1871

.     William

.     Edi

.     Martha

.     Nancy

.     Harriet

Abraham Deal, b. 1795 d. Jan. 19, 1878

.     Mary

.     Sarah

.     Nancy

.     John A.

.     Angeline

.     David

.     Lucinda

.     Amanda

.     Martha

Catherine Deal b. 1796 d. bef. 1860

.     William (?)


For some unknown reason around 1850 and especially during and after the Civil War a large portion of these children and grandchildren adopted the last name DALE. To our knowledge they are the only group of the Diehl/Deal family that adopted the name.

We have attempted to construct each of these families using the census reports to identify them. Some of the Deals or Dales that appear on the census reports are not family members at all and some are distant relatives. An effort has been made to identify as many of them as best we can. And, there is some speculation as to who some individuals are and they have been noted as such. Hopefully in the future we will have more information and will be able to identify everyone.