Deals-Dales of Burke County, NC

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  • Linda Vallecillo says:

    I AM a descendant of the Fishers of Burke County.. My 2nd grt grandmother was Leah Fisher, Rachel Fisher was my grt grandma and Rachel’s daughter. DAISY FisherMills Warlick was my grandmother.. Daisy married Fons Avery “Blackwood”Warlick.. The Dales were prominent in our family history… Any information or photos would be greatly appreciated.

  • Jim Efird says:

    Very informative. My grandfather is Charlie Sexton Dale 1887-1963. His grandfather is George Rufus Dale Sr. 1829-1862. His dad was Henry Dale “Deal” 1798-1870 son of George Deal 1755-1805. I would love to hear from anyone with more information on this line from the John & Mary Deal tree.

  • Gail Vogel says:

    I’m seeking information on Martha Dale (born 1859) who married J J Alford in 1879 in Burke County, North Carolina. They were married in the home of J. H. Dale. Both Martha and J J seem to have disappeared after their marriage. Migration? Death?

  • Amanda Dale says:

    I have been researching my family’s tree. I have taken a few paths that I have backed up from and started again. I have has multiple hints on Ancestry that linked the George Deal in Burke County. I found this page when I searched for Deals in Burke County. Thank you for having such a well put together site.

  • Joel says:

    My grandfather was Bud Fisher.

  • Kathleen Dale Wegant Sumner says:

    I am so glad to find your website and FB page. Your research helps confirm my findings. I am descended from Abraham Deal, whose son, John Alexander Deal was married to Sarah Duckworth. Their son, John Wesley Dale (1854-1924) moved to Duck Hill, MS, married Buanna Lee Caffey and produced my grandfather, Aut Custer Dale. I have struggled to find the final resting places in Burke County of John Alexander Deal and Sarah Deal. Wondering if you can assist me? My personal Dale family tree is public on Thanks for providing this information!

  • Stephen Dale says:

    This is excellent work. The banner photos are just fantastic. Thank you

  • Dianne Fields says:

    I was fortunate enough to be contacted by one of Susan Emaline and William Dakota Dale’s granddaughter. In my comments I put it was William B. “Bill” Dale. But I was wrong.
    I am going to share this link with Susan’s granddaughter. She will be able to add some information.

  • Deb says:

    Do you have a tree on ancestry?
    I am descended from william lee deal, born 1809 in Lincoln Co, died 1899 in Fannin Co. Georgia.
    How does William Lee fit in?
    Thank you!

    • Jerry Dale says:

      Deb, if i am correct, your William Lee would be a dedscendant of Johan Diehl. and a cousin to the Deals of Burke county.

  • Dianne Fields says:

    I should add the John Henry and Emmaline BRYSON Dale are in the middle picture.

  • Dianne Fields says:

    Lawson Gurley and Ardie Ann Dale HOUCK had 4 daughters and 3 sons: Ruth, Grace, Faye, Hazel, George, John Henry and Joe A. “Buck). All are deceased.

  • Kathy Peck says:

    My Mother was Annie Laura Dale . Her dad was Henry Dale. His Dad was John Dale and his Dad was Thomas Dale born in Burke Co N.C. Around 1810. His wife was Naomi Young Dale. I can’t find who Thomas’s siblings or parents were. I notice you have Thomas Dale listed on here. I have been looking for a lot of years no luck. John Dale and Catherine Hogan Dale is buried in Maysville Ga. At Grove Level Baptist Church. Along with Henry Dale and Leathy Dale. Thomas died in 1903 in N.C.

    • Jerry Dale says:

      Kathy…not real sure about Thomas. Sometimes i think he is a family member and other times not…One reason is he claims his father is from Virginia and the other is his first name being William….Where did the William come from? I have not been able to fin that out. Thanks

  • Dianne Fields says:

    Laura Quitman Dale, died 25 Dec., 1946 married George Collett Fisher on 6 May 1900. Collett died 29 Jan., 1964

    Suzanne Emaline Dale, born 30 Oct. 1875, died 14 Sept., 1952. Married William L. “Bill” Dale.

    Lilly Poe Dale, born Oct. 1884, died Nov. 1979. Married David Hogue Lane. Hogue born 27 Nov., 1884, died 16 Aug., 1945. Lilly and Hogue had 2 children: Ruby Lane, born 14 March 1915, died 9 March 1998. Married Charles DeVinney. Claude Lane born 15 Jan. 1910, died 12 Nov. 1992. Claude was a WWII Army veteran. Never married. Neither Ruby or Claude had any children. Thus this family line ended. Lilly, Hogue, Ruby and Claude are buried at Silver Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, Morganton, Burke Co., NC. Charles is buried, I believe in Glen Alpine, NC.

    Ardie Ann Dale born 5 Dec. 1886, died 26 Dec. 1972. Married Lawson
    Gurley Houk on 9 Oct. 1909. Lawson born 14 Jan. 1886, died 15 Nov. 1952. Both buried at Silver Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, Morganton, Burke Co., NC.

    Joseph “Joe” Mills Dale, born 1 April 1889, died 26 Sept. 1967. Married and divorced from Polly Dale (Dale was Polly’s maiden name). Joe is
    buried at Silver Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, Morganton, Burke Co., NC.

  • Dianne Fields says:

    Please contact me if you are researching the John Henry and Emmaline BRYSON Dale family.

  • Dianne Fields says:

    John Henry Dale and S. Emmaline BRYSON Dale are the couple in the middle of the page. John 9 Aug, 1829-14 Dec. 1908. Emmaline 21 June 1849-17 June 1917. Buried at Sliver Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, Burke Co. NC. Children were: Suzanne E. Dale (1875); Laura Quitman Dale (1880); Lilly Poe Dale (1884); Ardie Ann Dale (1886); Joseph “Joe” Mills Dale (1889). Lilly, Ardie and Joe are buried at Silver Creek Baptist Church. Suzanne buried in SC and Laura, I believe in McDowell Co., NC.

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